o Ricotta cheese: 1 cup

o Dry Milk powder: 1 cup

o Butter: 1 cup

o Sugar: 1 cup

o Cashew: 12 pieces


1. Batter all Cheese, Milk powder and Sugar so that the mix is semiliquid.

2. Now cut the butter into small pieces and just put on top of the mix.

3. Microwave for 12 mins. For every 2 min get the mixture out of microwave and mix it well. Use a Silver spoon for mixing.

4. The mixture will get thickened and the color changes to light orange.

5. Now take a separate container (lengthwise) and pour the mixture into it.

6. Close and keep it in the fridge for about an hour.

7. After you feel the mixture is cool enough cut into pieces.

8. Stick fried cashew on top of each piece and serve.