What’s Your Pulse Rate?

Legumes, also known as pulses, come in a variety of shapes and colours. In fact there are many different types including adzuki beans, lentils, chickpeas, split peas, mung beans, soy beans, pinto beans, red kidney […]


What is…strength training?

Of the common styles of exercise available, many people find strength training unnerving. Strength training, or “lifting weights” is often labelled as something for professional athletes or people who want big muscle bulk. However, building […]

Back Problems

What is…Good Posture?

Just hearing the words “good posture” may cause a reflex reaction of pulling your shoulders back and sitting or standing up straight. Well, you can relax while you read this article, because your visions of […]


Have Fun Everyday!

For good reason many of us dedicate a significant amount of our time to thinking about or actively improving our health! But while we are conscious of adding days to our life, let’s not forget […]


Activity – a plus for depression

With depression affecting so many people in the community, it is encouraging to hear about treatments that may assist sufferers. One of the more recent therapies being investigated is regular physical activity. What are the […]